How To Design A Hello Kitty Cake

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I am so excited to share with you today How to Design a Hello Kitty Cake. So, I had not baked in a while and it happened to be my daughter’s birthday. I wanted to bake something special for her and at the same time I did not want something that would be too complicated. So, I went online and searched for some cartoon characters where I saw various pictures that I could use.

I did not want to do a fondant design as that would require more technicalities, neither did I want a Butter Cream cake as I knew that she would be so excited about it that the design on it would be literally gone before she could get to school to celebrate with her friends.  So, I picked the Hello Kitty design because I only needed to use Royal Icing which is an older method of icing but still works.

Should you decide to make a Hello Kitty cake design too, here are the steps you should take;

1.If you are not very conversant with decoration, or you just do not want to take any chances, you may download and save a picture of the cartoon character that you would like to design. Here is a picture I downloaded and printed for my Hello Kitty Cake design. If you do not have a printer available, you can just save it on your phone or laptop. You can also sketch the image on a piece of paper and place on your counter top while decorating. You also want to make sure your royal icing is ready.









2. Place the baked cake on a cake board or in a flat plate, depending on what you choose to use. You can use a cake leveler to level out the top of your cake the top of your cake or you may choose to turn your cake upside down to ensure that the flat part is on top. The spaces below can be filled up right before decoration. You may get your cake board from Amazon or ebay if you do not already have one.

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3. Using the Hello Kitty image and a tool you are comfortable with (it could be a knife or toothpick), sketch the design layout on the cake as shown below i.e create the face, the ribbon, the eye and the nose, this will help guide you through the decoration process. If you do not sketch it before piping, there are tendencies you would miss the line(s) and end up with a mess.

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4. Scoop out some small amount of royal icing into a smaller plate or bowl, add the food colors as per the colors you would like to use. In this case, black (or brown), pink (using a little red food color), and yellow and mix properly. You do not need to make any white one as the royal icing recipe comes out white. Start by adding a little at a time until you get the shade of color you want, then set aside.

5. Using your black royal icing mixture (brown in my case), fill out your piping bag or piping set that already has the star nozzle, place your nozzle so that it points directly above the cake so that it would give you the star shape once pipped. You start with piping around the border, the ribbon, the nose and the mouth (Hello Kitty’s face), this will enable you have better control of the design,

6. At this point, you may set aside the piping bag containing the black or brown royal icing to enable you move to the next step. Fill out another piping bag with the pink royal icing and repeat the same process, this time around, you will pipe right inside the spot you have provided for the ribbon. Leave a hole in the middle for the yellow filling, so that the yellow icing sugar does not cause any overlapping,

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7. Again, set aside the left over pink royal icing. Then fill out another piping bag with your white royal icing. This you will use to fill the remaining part of the hello kitty face as shown in the picture below.

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BrinaCreations' Blog

8. Using the yellow icing, fill the nose and the hole left in the ribbon. Compete your decoration by using part or all (depending on what you have left) of the black or brown icing to make the whiskers (hairs).

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There you go! You may simply refrigerate your left over icing or you may discard them if you no longer have need for them. Feel free to contact me, should you have any questions, I would be glad to answer. Also, do not forget to subscribe so you can be up to date on my posts. Please share, like and comment below. Happy Caking!


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